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How to Hang Framed Art

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Many people don't like the thought of putting a hole in their wall, but with the right planning and materials, this is an easy task.

How to Hang a Framed Picture

What you need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Correct picture hook (important - ask at a good hardware store)

First, decide where you want to display the item. Avoid placement near steamy showers and heat sources. Avoid direct sunlight falling on your framed art print.

Don't worry about having to hit a wall stud with your nail - if you use the correct picture hooks, practically any item can be hung in any place you choose.

To hang your photographs at a proper height for most people, center the print 60" off the floor. To accurately determine this height, add half the frame vertical dimension, subtract the space above the wire to the top of the frame plus 60". (For example, if the frame is 20" tall and the distance between the wire to the top of the frame is 3", the math is: +10" (half of 20") -3" +60"= 67", place the part of the hook where the wire will rest 67 inches from the floor.)

Once you've figured the placement of the framed picture on the wall, measure from the floor upwards and make a small pencil mark on the wall - this is your center mark.

Make sure you check the way your picture has been wired. The wire should not be too long, when the picture hangs from the hook it should hang at approximately 1/3 from the top of your frame. If the wire is too long, simply unwind from one side. Then tighten the length, and rewind making sure the wire is tightly woven so it won't unravel when you hang it from the hook.

Next, hammer the correct hanger into the wall. Now hang the picture from the hook. Be careful not to scrape the top edges of the frame along the wall as you attempt to hang the picture. Loop your hand from the side or bottom of the frame, grasp onto the wire and guide the picture onto the hook with your fingers.


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