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Lawrence Charity, was born in Richmond, Virginia and  early in childhood his interest in the Arts as a self expression was fostered by his family, teachers and friends. Charity's diverse interest and creative talents posed a dilemma in deciding a career course. A graduate of Lincoln University (PA) in Biology, he continued to pursue cutting edge life science technology by day and the creative arts by night, which included working in canvas art, photography, theatre, film, television, music, creative writing, graphic and web design. In the mid '80's, he Produced and Directed the "Jazz Forum" a weekly jazz talent showcase on public access television in Durham, NC, had cameo appearances in films like Navy Seals, Ironclads, and Weeds; toured and performed three seasons with the Virginia Opera before the 90's .  The pioneering internet site BAM (Black Access Marketplace) and the online syndicated film review "BlackEye on Film" were both his developments. He is a dynamic, creative, and charismatic artist whose visions in Acrylic paint offer insight of color as a movement, light as an emotion and open an embrace of the African-American experience.

Charity is inspired and influenced by the works of Gordon Parks, Ernie Barnes,  the Harlem Renaissance including: Romare Bearden,  James Van Der Zee and William H. Johnson. His motivations are everyday life, pride and energy. Love, passion and creativity transform his canvases into an array of color that speak to the depth of history, pain, struggle, love, laughter, joy, and style. His works reflect a surreal to abstract interpretation of the power of light and perspective. The windows of his creations are soulful, warm and energetic; these visions embrace culture and bridge the past, present and future of the Urban American Spirit.

Lawrence Charity

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